Language: A Genetic Gamble?

A crucial aspect by which humans differ from all the other species on this Earth is our ability to communicate with each other through the use of language. A case can be made that many species of birds do possess something akin to a language with observed differences in their vocalisations within population groups of the same species, yet most […]

Back to papers.

Some days ago I read an article in the newspaper that described how professors and teachers in colleges and universities worldwide were going back to giving exams and essays again in the handwritten format; to be turned in on paper rather than by email or in digital format, to combat the rising use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools being used […]

Ink Pens…

Writing is one of the joyful activities in our daily life and we are so used to it that we seldom stop and think about the complexity involved to execute the process of writing. Fine muscle control over the relevant muscles in our dominant hand honed in with years of practice allow us to effortlessly translate our thoughts into the […]

A trip in the afternoon!

During a slow weekend afternoon spent in my office quarters in this idyllic country posting, I decided to go visit a nearby situated ruins of a nearly 500 year old temple. The added thrill of getting to ratchet up 100 kilometers on the odometer of my lumbering hunk of a motorcycle to reach the said ruins was, I will confess, […]

এক দিবাস্বপ্ন…

সেপটেম্বর ১৯৪৪ ইং। নাৎসি শাসিত নেদরল্যান্ডের এক অরণ্য। রাত্রি আনুমানিক আটটা হবে। স্বাভাবিকভাবে এই প্রদেশে এই সময় শান্তি বিরাজ করে। অরণ্যের আশেপাশে জনবসতি ও কম। যারা এইখানে পুরুষানুক্রমে বাস করে আসছে তারা শান্তি কালেই রাতের আগে আশ্রয়ের ঠাঁই নিয়ে নেয়, এই যুদ্ধকালিন পরিস্থিতিতে অরণ্যের ভেতরে তাদের চলাফেরার কথা চিন্তা করা তো দুরের কথা| আমি আমার মোটরসাইকেলের উপর চড়ে এই নিস্তব্ধ […]

Their Land, Their People, Their Blood…

The post-World War 2 world order is in a state of upheaval. The catalyst and index for the same could be said to be the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and a war being fought therein. This blog post is not about that war but how India may soon find itself in a much similar scenario. The current conflict in […]

The fiction of the Future, Past, and Present.

I have been an avid science fiction aficionado since around my early to mid-teens. What inspired me to start reading science fiction was the one and only fact that, somehow, I came upon the name of Isaac Asimov. As Asimov had himself said in one of his interviews that people would come up to him and ask whether Asimov was […]

Capturing Bagram, A Mission Design for the ages

Recently Bagram airfield was in the news once again. “What?”, would be the reaction of most people reading this. Bagram is a small city located near the capital Kabul, in Afghanistan. An airfield here was constructed sometime during the Cold War, I am not sure about the dates because this is not a pontificating blog post on geo-strategic issues and […]

Full Spectrum, A Book Review

A book review of FULL SPECTRUM by Arjun Subraminam. Rating: 7.9/10 Full Spectrum by Arjun Subramaniam is the chronological and spiritual successor to his book India’s Wars, A Military History 1947-1971. The book covers the sub-conventional military conflicts spanning the full spectrum that India has been embroiled in since her independence in 1947, but mainly focuses on the period after […]